MAHITOI ™ Hemp Spool .26LB 400FT


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MAHITOI ™ Roll of 100% Natural Strong Hemp Fibers Cord 400 feet .26 Pound Thickness Undyed Color Perfect for Jewelry, Craft Project, Scrapbooking, Gift Tag, Wrapping, Decorative Element, Gardening

Product Details

  • 100% NATURAL HEMP CORD – The MAHITOI roll of .26-pound thick hemp cord measures 400 feet. It is a natural color that is not dyed. The strong hemp fibers will not fray or come apart and the cord is easy to tie.
  • FOR JEWELRY AND CRAFTS – Hemp twine is perfect for jewelry and craft projects. String with beads, make knotted bracelets, dream catchers, wall and plant hangers, wrap vases and more! Great for scrapbooking too!
  • GREAT FOR GARDENERS – Gardeners love hemp craft string to securely hold plants in place and tie trellises together. It’s durable and offers a strong and natural solution for indoor plants.
  • PERFECT FOR GIFT WRAPPING – String hemp is great as a natural decorative element on greeting cards. A perfect fit for all holidays, use hemp cord to hang gift tags and as part of your gift Wrapping.
  • STAY CREATIVE – The MAHITOI Natural Hemp Cord is an essential crafting supply that will help you achieve a variety of projects and stay inspired to create.
  • LIT YOUR CREATIVITY: Since Day One, MAHITOI™ has been inspired to design a selection of art and craft supplies for everyone. Kids' crafts, fine art, floral, scrapbooking, jewelry, parties, M™ is expanding its portfolio to fill all your arts and crafts needs.