MAHITOI ™ 20 Wells Palette 13"x10"


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MAHITOI ™ Palette for Watercolors, Oil & Acrylic Paints, Mix & Separate Colors, White, Art 20 Wells, 13” x 10” 4 slated squares, 4 squares, 4 large circulars, and 8 small circular wells for all levels.

Product Details

  • 20 WELL PAINT PALETTE – Measuring 13” x 10”, this large artist palette has 20 wells of varying sizes: 4 square, 4 square slanted, 4 large circular, and 8 small circular wells.
  • VARIETY OF USES – With 20 wells, there is space for a large variety of colors and shades to get your work of art just right! You can keep your paints separate or mix them together. The creative opportunities are endless!
  • PERFECT FOR MANY MEDIUMS – The MAHITOI palette is ideal for use with oil paints, watercolors, and acrylics paints. No matter what you’re creating, this painting palette will help you get it just right.
  • IDEAL FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS – From fine artists, student artists, crafters and everyone in between, this paint tray is extremely useful for many projects.
  • STURDY & WASHLABLE – The art palette from MAHITOI is made of sturdy white plastic that is easy to clean. It wipes fresh after each project so you can use it again and again.