MAHITOI ™ 2-PK Dropper Bottles 20mL


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MAHITOI ™ Pack of 2 Dropper Bottles 20mL or 7oz, lid and screw, resealable, easy to squeeze and hold accurately for your project or store your craft mediums.

Product Details

  • FOR GLUES, STAINS AND MORE: Plastic dropper bottles are designed to store and apply precise amounts of craft mediums such as paint, glue, coloring, ink, stain and more on a project.
  • HOME USE: Versatile bottles are perfect when a small amount of liquid needs to be applied to a specific area or solution.
  • RESEALABLE: Each bottle is topped with a dropper that is attached to the lid and screws on to the bottle. Bottle can be resealed to save contents for later use.
  • INCLUDES 2 BOTTLES: The set of 2 plastic bottles with droppers are easy to squeeze and hold up to 20ml (7 oz) of product.
  • LIT YOUR CREATIVITY: Since Day One, MAHITOI™ has been inspired to design a selection of art and craft supplies for everyone. Kids' crafts, fine art, floral, scrapbooking, jewelry, parties, M™ is expanding its portfolio to fill all your arts and crafts needs.