MAHITOI ™ 12 buttons to Design 2.5"


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MAHITOI ™ 12 buttons to Design 2.5" diameter clear, Pop & Place your insert, Pin back on clothes, hats, bags, for kids & adults, athlete and events support, craft project, logo, birthday party

Product Details

  • CUSTOMIZE BUTTONS: Use this value pack of MAHITOI ™ 12 buttons to design & display your creativity and originality. Decorate the included insert or cut out photos and other designs to place inside each to create unique plastic buttons.
  • 12 CLEAR PLASTIC BUTTONS: The 2.5” diameter buttons come in a pack of 12. This is a great value for birthday parties, team fundraisers and class projects.
  • USER FRIENDLY: With this pack, no tools are necessary to create fun buttons. Simply pop apart the two plastic pieces, place your insert inside and pop the pieces back in place.
  • STANDARD PIN BACK: With the traditional pin back, you can put your unique plastic button on clothes, hats, bags and more
  • FOR KIDS CRAFTS & MORE: Creating their own buttons is a great way to let kids’ and adults' creativity shine! Perfect craft for class projects, insert a photo and support your athlete, create a logo for the summer family reunion &more! For ages 6+
  • LIT YOUR CREATIVITY: Since Day One, MAHITOI™ has been inspired to design a selection of art and craft supplies for everyone. Kids' crafts, fine art, floral, scrapbooking, jewelry, parties, M™ is expanding its portfolio to fill all your arts and crafts needs.